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La palabra más sencilla para describir a Roberto Riveros podría ser: FACTOTUM! Polyglot Lawyer, PR leader specialised in international organisms, embassies, consulates, and NGOs.

Certified Translator & Interpreter (ATA, HITA).


Deputy Notary Public for Civil Matrimony.


Court and Conference interpreter in Colombia and around the world for arbitration tribunals and all courts of the land.


Realtor & RE administrator. Ideator of hotel investment trusts, casinos, office space projects and also franchises.


Mr Riveros may very well be considered an #Eventprof entrepreneur that has ventured also in providing added values to his many talents (thus his nicks of "Factotum" or "man of many hats"), by additionally offering places to stay for his clients, from where they can work/relax and commute to and from these event venues.

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Bogotá, DC 111221 - Colombia

+57 1757 0984 Colombia

Mobile/Whatsapp: +57 (310) 688 2435

Magic Jack: +1 (713) 370 3385

SKYPE: roberto.riveros.a

Twitter: @robertoriverosa